Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Swiffer! How to Keep Things Clean & Cheap

My sister wanted to know how I make my own Swiffer supplies and I figured I'd share it here for everybody else as well!

Its really nothing terribly original, I've seen similar ideas all over Pinterest. But this is what works for me.

I first got a Swiffer WetJet the year I got hurt. I could get around well enough to mop but having to deal with a mop and a bucket seemed like it would require too much coordination. (In case you were wondering, relearning to walk is just as tricky as they claim!) So I got a WetJet, and loved it but I didn't love the price tag of the solution & the pads. Then I found out you can refill the bottles!

To refill a WetJet bottle, just twist the top off with a pair of adjustable pliers. (Of course you could get a man to do this part, but real Farm Chicks like using tools on projects. ;) ) After you use the pliers once, you'll be able to take the lid off by hand.

To make the solution, just mix water and white vinegar 50/50. It isn't as pretty smelling as the real Swiffer cleaner, but it gets the job done. 


Get a bottle of Gain Cleaner and mix 1 part to about 6 parts water. TA-DA! Smells just like the Swiffer stuff! Plus there's several different scents so you can mix it up. 

I just like using the vinegar because I have it around so I don't have to remember to buy something, and I like using cleaners that are somewhat nontoxic & edible (I have weird dogs that like to lick the floor!)

After a while, the WetJet broke. I tried to use electrical tape to rescue it, but it didn't work for long. So I bought one of the Rubbermaid ones that's made to be refilled. That was great, but then it broke too after a few months. CRAP! So I decided to go back to the basics and get an original Swiffer.

They were on clearance! for $4.88! Sweet. Probably should have gotten an extra one. So far so good though, this hasn't broken yet. Sometimes the Plain Jane tools are the way to go!

Now on to the cloths. I found out early on that if there's a lot of loose dirt on the floor, the mopping job will look really bad. And in a house with 2 biggish dogs, a cat, and a husband who forgets to take his boots off, there is always a lot of loose dirt. So even if I sweep first, I find it works best to use a dry dust cloth first and THEN mop.

You can still have disposible cloths for cheap! I just use scraps, or cut up old Tshirts, socks, etc. (I do end up with more fabric scraps than most people because I sew & do alterations but if you look at things before you throw them out you'd probably be surprised at what you can scrounge up.)

So I sweep, stick some scraps on the Swiffer, and run that around to grab the dog hair. I should have included a picture of what the Swiffer caught that the broom didn't, but it was quite disturbing to think about showing everyone how much crap is on my floor all the time! So I decided to skip that picture.

After I chuck the fur laden scrap, then its time to mop. How do I mop with a dry Swiffer? I just keep the cleaner in a (recycled) spray bottle and spray an area, then mop, & then go from there. Not much worse than the WetJet really, and it hasn't broken. Plus, I can use the bottle of cleaner for other things too!

For mopping, I use microfiber cleaning cloths. Any cloth would work really, but I had these and they work. Plus when I'm done I can just throw them in the washing machine. 

Ive seen people make special cloths and crocheted things for their Swiffers, but with the original one its really easy. Just put the cloth down, put the Swiffer on top...

And fold the edges over and poke into the clips, just like it was made for it!

I guess it sounds kinda complicated all broken down like this, but it really doesn't take that long. Our whole house has laminate & vinyl flooring and it only takes about 20 minutes to do the whole thing from start to finish. Well, except I didn't go under the beds and couches. Ain't nobody got time for that!

And there you have it - Swiffers according to me. Free bonus - a picture of the floor for the few minutes its clean before the animals come back in!

Its so shiny!

PS My sister has her own farm, which is now her full time job! She also bakes - J says she "works magic with baked goods". So check out her Facebook page! Country Rhodes Produce

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