Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Adventures with Milly-the-Goat Part 2

Posts like this probably seem a little silly. The chances that any one of you could find yourself in this exact situation are most likely slim to none. I'll write them, however, because A. It might inspire you to come up with some crazy creative solutions of your own and B. because I want to show off how crazy and creative I am. (Well, if we're being honest here...!)

So, anyway, after the whole bloat fiasco Milly has been doing better but she still seemed a little off. More cold than off, really, which was no wonder since it was suddenly 30 something degrees and snowing and sleeting. She's a skinny little thing anyway (been trying to get weight on her but its slow going) and I didn't want her to be more stressed and burning more calories and getting skinnier just to stay warm.

When my parents have tiny lambs in the winter and they look cold, my mom will actually get toddler sweatshirts from Goodwill and stick them on the lambs. It works, but I just didn't happen to have any goat-sized sweatshirts lying around. I did have a couple old tank tops, but a tank top isn't a lot of help in a snowstorm. So, I hoped she was getting out of the cold in the barn and didn't come up with anything.

Monday morning while I was at work I had a brainstorm and when I got home I grabbed the 2 pairs of wool socks I didn't want any more and went to work.

We got these socks cheap and then realized they were huge tube socks. Neither of us like huge tube socks and I was going to get rid of them when TA-DA! Slit them down the side, cut off the toes, sew them all together...

Look at Milly now! 

Yes, I have a goat that's wearing a sweater dress. That's made of socks. And yes, I spent some time yesterday sewing said sweater dress for a goat. Toldya I was crazy!

I don't know if its the dress or the extra dose of Probios I gave her yesterday but you should see her now! She's back to her normal perky self. 

So I guess the old-timers were right when they made up the old rhyme:

Use it up, wear it out,
Make it do, or go without!

How about you? What crazy thing have you repurposed into something else you needed?

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