100Proof Bantams

100Proof Bantams is the "official" name of our little operation here, and we raise Dark Brown Leghorn Bantams, Welsummer Bantams, and Silver Duckwing Bantams. We also raise Nigerian Dwarf goats, Black Swedish ducks, and Jumbo Coturnix quail. 

I got interested in chickens at about age 4 or 5 when I liked to help feed my grandparents birds. I also remember looking at the  Murray McMurray Hatchery catalogs my granddad gave me. My parents got 12 Golden Comet pullets when I was about 6 and my sister and I spent hours playing with them. All the adults in our lives insisted that all the chickens looked the same, but we could tell each one apart and knew what each one liked and didn't like to eat. They all had names and nicknames and if I was hard-pressed I could probably still recite them all!

In 1997 we moved to the Valley and had to leave those birds behind. In 1998 we got 300 laying hens and tried selling eggs on a large scale for a while but soon scaled back to a smaller flock. In 2001 I got my own flock, and the rest, they say, is history.

In 2008 when I met Josh I was a little scared to admit that I have a chicken habit, but it didn't scare him off. The next spring I brought home some sick chicks from Tractor Supply where I worked and I actually saw him get "the bug". He was hooked and it was a sure thing that wherever we lived we'd have to be allowed to have chickens!

Which kinda leads me to how we picked the name 100Proof. The area where we live was supposedly all moonshine country back in the 1930s. When a neighbor told me all about the history of the area, it just seemed fitting to include it in our farm name!

We sell hatching eggs on eBay in season, and we sell birds at the poultry sale in Fishersville VA at Expoland. The sale is the 3rd Saturday of each month, March - October. We also attend sales at Gilmanor Farm in Glen Allen, VA, and some other sales around the area. Please contact us if you have any questions! 

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