Monday, January 13, 2014


DISCLAIMER: This isn't the new and improved blog system... life has a way of messing with my awesome plans. Oh well.

In case you didn't know, baby goats are called Kids, just like people. My dad has a friend who came over one day to see the goats we had at the time and was a little confused.

"Whatcha call 'em, Hoss?" he asked. "Goatlets?"

So, it stuck and we've said Goatlets ever since.

 (By the way, if you say something weird around my family there is a chance you will change the way we talk to each other forevermore. Don't say you weren't warned!)

Without further ado, look at what were born between 7AM Saturday and 5AM Monday! 

There are 5 total, 4 does and 1 buck (the white one.) Two black ones are the mostly black doe's babies,  the white and another black one make up a second set of twins from the mostly white doe, and the brown and black baby came from the brown and black doe.They all weigh between 2.4 and 4 pounds and they're doing good!

Gotta go give the mamas some more feed, hope this made your Monday a little brighter! 

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  1. Oh, SO cute! Glad they all arrived without any incident. Life has a way of messing with my posting as well...I have a lamb in my living room. Story to follow. lol